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Paris - Los Angeles Innovation Bridge

Friday September 28, 2018 - 18h30

This panel will feature entrepreneurs and VC's across California and France aroud the overarching theme:  

Opportunities of doing business for Good in Paris and Los Angeles

  • Innovation, IP, fundraising, and entrepreneurial culture in both places

  • Paris and Los Angeles attractiveness in doing business for Good: policy / social impact and innovation

  • Social impact : a French perspective

  • Growth Perspectives in the Sharing Economy

  • Scaling the positive impact in America




Green Bundle: Pairing the Market with the Planet panel

Friday September 28, 2018 - 12h30

This panel will be hosted by UCLA Anderson faculty Maggie Delmas. She will be discussing with top Corporate Social Responsibility officers from Fortune 500 on how corporations can embrace sustainability. 

In her new book: "The Green Bundle: Pairing the Market with the Planet," Delmas argues that successful information strategies require a holistic approach that accounts for both the altruistic and egoistic motivations of consumers. With insight from sustainable business and from behavioral economics, she describes the elements of effective information strategies that will help managers guide consumers along the difficult path from knowledge to consumption.

With what she calls the "green bundle"-natural or implicit co-benefits of environmental goods and services-companies can strategically appeal to both the altruistic and egoistic values of consumers. Broadly, green bundle co-benefits include the following: quality, status, health, money, and emotion. Products that pair sustainability with these private benefits create a win-win for consumers.

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Magali Delmas, professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management & the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability


Magali Delmas is a professor of management at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Her research interests lie primarily in the areas of business strategy, corporate sustainability and socially responsible investing. 

Delmas is the director of the UCLA Center for Corporate Environmental Performance. From 2014-2017, she was the president of the Alliance for Research in Corporate Sustainability (ARCS), an international organization that serves as a vehicle for advancing rigorous academic research on corporate sustainability concerns.


"Research tells us that consumers buy green products when they benefit not just the environment, but the consumer." Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, and Delmas calls that segment the "convenient environmentalists."




Luben Pampoulov, Co-Founder and Partner of GSV Asset Management

Luben Pampoulov is co-founder and Partner of GSV Asset Management, and led GSV’s early investments in Spotify, Lyft, Dropbox, Palantir, Rover and Coursera. Prior to starting GSV, Luben worked at ThinkEquity Partners, an asset management and investment banking firm focusing on venture capital and emerging growth companies.

Based on his multinational background from Europe and the U.S., Luben offers unique perspective on some of the world’s most promising emerging economies. His professional credentials are complemented by his experience as a world-class tennis player — competing on the ATP Tour, being national champion in Austria and Bulgaria, and leading UCLA as its Captain and #1 player to win the NCAA Championship in 2005.





Fabrice Dumans, Founder and CEO of Timyo

Fabrice Dumans.jpg

The idea of Timyo came from his belief that email is a great tool that has gone wrong and that its current use is no longer adapted to the hyper-connected world in which we live. Timyo wants to offer busy people and companies a better email experience, one more productive and stress-free. 

Fabrice Dumans is the founder and CEO of Timyo. With 20 years experience as a business executive in technology companies, he brings an unique expertise and a fresh look on our relationship to time. 

Fabrice lives in L.A since August 2013 to be at the right place where “software is eating the world”.





Carine Saloff-Coste, Director of Economic Development for the City of Paris

Carine Saloff Coste.jpg

Carine Saloff-Coste has joined the City of Paris Council in 2007 and is now its Director of Economic Development, Employment and Higher Education. 

She began her career as a telecommunication engineer at SIEMENS transport on the development of line 14 of the Paris metro. She then worked for the Banque de France.

In 2003 she moved to Boston to work on behalf of the Ile de France Region and the Essonne Department to set up a promotion and prospection office for the biotechnology sector. 

Back in France, she became Director of Planning and Development at the General Council of Essonne. 



Jill Baldauf, Associate Dean of UCLA Anderson Alumni relations


While serving on Anderson's Board of Visitors from 1992 to 1997, Jill helped to create and launch a student pledge program that instilled a culture of giving back in an institution increasingly dependent on private support. 

A strong supporter of the arts and arts in education, she is Vice Chairman of the Board of Chrysalis, which assists the homeless in returning to work.  Jill is also a Board member of the LA Opera, Blue Ribbon and The Broad Stage. 

A top advertising executive and dedicated contributor to both the community and her business-school alma mater, she built an impressive career with blue-chip agencies such as Benton & Bowles; Grey, Ogilvy & Mathers; and DDB. In 2003 she formed her own agency, Ampersand, with a retainer from Hasbro.  She lives in Santa Monica Canyon with her husband, Steve Grossman, two daughters and Bernese Mountain dog, Cody.


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