Be a VIP Delegation Guest


Join our Delegation 

As a preferred partner of ChangeNOW, we are assembling the VIP Delegation from Los Angeles.

If you are a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, faculty, local government officials, and non-profit organizations, contact us to come to Paris, share what you are doing and enjoy top-level networking and pitching opportunities.

On top of a free pass and the full-day program detailled here, Delegates can also enjoy

  • Private meetings with a selection of the best innovators addressing challenges for cities

  • On-demand scheduled 1:1 meetings with decision-makers at city level, entrepreneurs, industrial firms, investors, or academics from all over the world.

  • Start up founders from Los Angeles will also have the opportunity to pitch their concept in front of investors or even have a booth on the start up exhibition hall.


Los Angeles has been selected as one of the 20 "Sustainable Cities" selected to be featured at the ChangeNOW conference in Paris on September 28-19, 2018.

A Delegation of Mayors is invited from each of the Sustainable Cities is invited to a full one-day exclusive program to discover the latest innovations and help build partnerships with other city members.  The VIP program includes:

  • Private tour of Station F meeting with a selection of best innovators addressing challenges for the cities

  • Private Lunch with representatives of the City of Paris and selected guests

  • Panel 1: Resilient Cities. Selected experts by ChangeNOW will approach the subject from several perspectives. Sébastien Maire, Chief Resilience Officer of the City of Paris, will represent the 100 Resilient Cities Program by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Mayor of a city belonging to the European Covenant of Mayors will present an already deployed innovation.

  • 1:1 Meetings. Every member of the delegation will have the opportunity to meet the innovators, speakers, representatives of large companies, experts ... in the form of speed-meetings. These meetings can be scheduled from mid-September. More than 2,000 meetings were held in 2017 leading to many new collaborations.

  • Panel 2: Sustainable Mobility / Air Pollution. For this session, ChangeNOW will select experts who will approach the subject from several perspectives. The Mobility as a Service innovation will be presented by its founder who asked the question: How to give up the car ownership while having the same level of comfort

  • Official Opening Ceremony Cocktail: This evening is reserved for VIPs attending ChangeNOW (invitational). For about two hours the global leaders of Positive Impact will highlight all that is happening during the two days of the event. The members of the delegation will have a reserved place.



How do 1:1 meetings work?

  • Format: a 15-minute meeting to start networking and present your business needs. People could follow up the introduction in other meeting rooms during the 2-day conference

  • Content: the VIP Guests could meet executives from leading companies or NGOs in Europe, looking for business opportunities or partnerships in the field of Positive Impact. Former companies included BNP Paribas, Accenture, LVMH, Axa, RATP/SNCF, Renault, Engie, large social-impact investment funds etc.

  • Registration procedure: VIP Guests are invited to send to ChangeNow organizers their requests for 1:1 meetings in August/September with details of type of industry, position within the targeted organization, size of the company etc. Based on your demands, ChangeNow will send you several proposals of meetings based on the firms/organizations that have already confirmed their attendance or others that are parts of ChangeNow business network.


Other ways to participate

If you are interested in the ChangeNOW conference but don't need to be a VIP Delegation guest, you can still participate:

Learn and network at our Kick-Off Event.

A panel on Change for Good will feature startups, city officials, investors from both cities. it will be followed by a networking event.

Attend the 2-day conference as one of our guest. Get a 30% discounted visitor pass from us and attend our exclusive panel led by UCLA professor Magali Delmas. Excludes full-day exclusive program for our Delegation