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“France is the Silicon Valley of Europe”, 

  John Chambers - Executive Chairman, Cisco


“France is home to some of the most innovative technology companies in the world” 

  Sheryl Sandberg - Chief Operating Officer, Facebook Inc.


“A new wave of French startups are changing France’s economy and the way we do things”  

 Guillaume Princen- Director of France and Southern Europe, Stripe

A favorable political climate with a young, pro-innovation French President 


STATION F: the world largest startup incubator, launched in June 2017, at the center of Paris. With 366,000 sqft(34,000sqm) it can house 2,000+ startup. Many established companies like Facebook, Microsoft are partnering to establish their programs at Station F.

FRENCH TEC VISA: accelerated procedure for 4-year visa for startup founders, Tech talents, and investors.

TAX: recently amended fiscal law to lower capital gains tax rate is expected to draw more VC funding.

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