Schedule for VIP Delegation guests

Los Angeles has been selected as one of the 20 "Sustainable Cities" selected to be featured at ChangeNOW. We are part of the Delegation of Mayors and our VIP guests are invited to the Opening Ceremony and a special day of Innovation and Cooperation which includes:

  • Private tour of Station G meeting with a selection of best innovators addressing challenges for the cities
  • Private Lunch with representatives of the City of Paris and selected guests

  • Panel 1: Resilient Cities. Selected experts by ChangeNOW will approach the subject from several perspectives. Sébastien Maire, Chief Resilience Officer of the City of Paris, will represent the 100 Resilient Cities Program by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Mayor of a city belonging to the European Covenant of Mayors will present an already deployed innovation.
  • One-on-One Meetings. Every member of the delegation will have the opportunity to meet the innovators, speakers, representatives of large companies, experts ... in the form of speed-meetings. These meetings can be scheduled from mid-September. More than 2,000 meetings were held in 2017 leading to many new collaborations.

  • Panel 2: Sustainable Mobility / Air Pollution. For this session, ChangeNOW will select experts who will approach the subject from several perspectives. The Mobility as a Service innovation will be presented by its founder who asked the question: How to give up the car ownership while having the same level of comfort

  • Official Opening Ceremony Cocktail: This evening is reserved for VIPs attending ChangeNOW (invitational). For about two hours the global leaders of Positive Impact will highlight all that is happening during the two days of the event. The members of the delegation will have a reserved place.

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